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6 Chrome Extensions for Web development

In this short article, I want to share with you some of the Google Chrome extensions I use for cleaning the cache, picking the color in the browser, check if the website I visit is using HTTP/2, what’s the loading speed of the website I visit, JSON formatter and the tool for testing structured data.

Chrome Extensions

How to clean the cache in my browser (one click)?

Clear cache chrome extension
This is a cool and simple way to do it. To get this icon in your chrome browser you have to install Clear Cache extension. The setup and installation process is easy. Go to Clear cache on Chrome Web Store

Is there a color picker from the screen?

Color picker
If you want to pick the color from the website you are on you can do it easily using color picker chrome extension. Go to ColorPick Eyedropper page on Chrome Web Store.

How to check if the website has http/2 support?

There are several reasons why everybody should switch to http/2. If you want to check who already switched and using it on websites you can do it using this google chrome extension. Go to HTTP/2 and SPDY indicator on Chrome Web Store

How can I check any website’s loading speed?

Page load time chrome extension
If you want to check the loading speed of any website you can do it by installing the extension for your Google Chrome browser. Go to Page load time in Chrome Web Store

How can I format JSON in Chrome?

Json formatter
If you for some reason need to preview JSON in your browser here is an amazing Chrome extension for it. The JSON Formatter beautifies JSON data with advanced formatting and validation algorithms. Go to JSON Formatter on Chrome Web Store

How can I test Google structured data in my browser?

Google structured data testing tool
If you care for your content, optimization, SEO and web presence, in general, you probably know what Structured data is. When we work with structured data we need to be able to test and validate it. Here is a very nice Chrome extension for it. Go to Structured data testing tool on Chrome Web Store

What about you?

Hey, I am very curious about the Chrome extensions you use. Feel free to comment and write your list of must-have extensions for web developers.

You’re welcome.