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Changing tiktok video from landscape ratio to portrait a before/after example.

Updated Tuesday, March 8, 2023

I helped influencers to grow their audience on TikTok, and they often asked me about the correct TikTok video specs. This specification allows you to create content with the correct TikTok video sizes and formats.

Here is the nice video that shows step by step how to change format of the video for TikTok.

Here are recommended TikTok format:

What is the TikTok maximum length limit?

TikTok videos can range from as short as 15 seconds to as maximum length as 10 minutes.

What is the TikTok size ratio?

TikTok size ration is 6:19. You can use 1:1 also but it will not be a fullscreen.

Can Tiktok videos be longer than 60 seconds?

YES! The TikTok video length changed to allow up to 10 minutes.

What is TikTok frame size?

TikTok frame size is 1080×1920.

Did TikTok make Capcut?

The company behind TikTok Bytedance developed Capcut too.

Is Capcut available for PC?

Capcut is available on PC for Windows OS. Also, you can use Capcut in your browser and download the iOS and Android apps.

Is Capcut Free on PC?

Yes! Cupcut is free for all platforms including PC.