VIDEO: TikTok coins how Recharge Very easily

Updated Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Let me quickly demonstrate how you can recharge your TikTok coins without linking your card to your phone.

Let me quickly demonstrate how you can recharge your TikTok coins without linking your card to your phone. You can use a laptop or any mobile device; you can access the website if it has a browser. This method also allows you to share coins with your friends, even if they're living in the US, Canada, or any part of the world. You can share coins with them too.

First, open any browser and type in "TikTok coins." Once the page loads, you'll see the first option, "Buy and Recharge TikTok Coins." Click on it. After clicking, you'll be prompted to log in. Log in using your preferred method: your phone number, email, Facebook, or Google account. I'll enter my phone number to log in.

Wait for the login to complete, and then enter the authentication code sent to you. After entering the code, wait for the login to complete, and you'll see your profile. This is my TikTok profile. Once logged in, you'll see your profile, name, and the various coin packages available. You can also purchase coins at a discounted rate. For example, you can save 27% compared to other apps.

Select the coin package you want to purchase, and then click "Enter." Choose "Pay with a new card." Click on it to select your card type, and enter your card information, including the expiration date, CVV, and the name on the card. Enter the cardholder's name, and decide whether to save the card information for future use. If not, proceed to "Pay Now."

As you can see, my bank details are displayed here. I will confirm the transaction and then complete the purchase. These are my bank details. The entire process is secure, and I must enter a confirmation number sent by my bank. I will close this window, retrieve the number from my bank, and enter it here. Give me a moment.

Now I'll enter the number to confirm the payment. This process is very secure, and there's no risk of being scammed. The number I entered is the one my bank just sent me to confirm that I am making the purchase. As you can see, my bank has sent a confirmation indicating that the payment is complete.

This method is straightforward and secure. If you want to purchase without linking your bank card to your phone, this is the best way. You can buy coins on your laptop or any other device and even send cash to friends worldwide.

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