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Faruk at the beach

About Me

My name is Faruk Garić, a Full-Stack web developer and consultant.

First time when I got online (2004) I asked my teacher “How to make my own website?” Since then I committed my life in learning, building and helping others to build amazing websites, intuitive and useful web applications and businesses.

I maintain a healthy balance between functionality and visual impact in all my work.

I like to eat but also to cook 🙂

In the last 15 years, I took a part in all the amazing changes that Web faced. Yes, I was the one who was making websites with the tables. Also, I tried to stay up to date with the web design trends during the time. Of course, I made many mistakes without which I would not be what I am today.

From this point of time, it looks crazy but I remember when WordPress version 2 is released. I was waiting for this announcement to be published 🙂

However, to make a long story short, after 15 years (half of my life) in building a Web with incredible partners, clients and colleagues, it’s time to invest more time in sharing this knowledge and experience.

That’s all about this website/blog. As a self-taught web developer, I hit many walls during my learning process but I never gave up. All I have learned the hard way I am willing to share with you guys. Thank you for visiting this website. Looking forward to learning more from your experiences and advises. So, feel free to comment or send an email. I am very open to all kinds of questions and debates.

Because I care, I share.

Sincerely yours,
Faruk Garić

WordPress workshop @ Mostar // 2016

NGO Youth for Change organized WordPress workshop for young people all over the country. I took part as a mentor in 2 days long workshop. I have shown how to create their website, how to upload it online, how to install WordPress themes and plugins, how to customize them, to more than 20 young people. The workshop was held at the Faculty of information technologies in Mostar.

WordCamp Croatia @ Rijeka // 2015

WordPress Meetup @ Zagreb // 2015

Faruk Garic at WordPress Meetup in Zagreb
Me giving a speech

In my lecture, I addressed the differences between professionals and amateurs and how I progressed in the direction of WordPress developers. Amateurs are sometimes brave and easily take on responsibilities and work only when inspired, but professionals, on the other hand, cannot afford to do the job, regardless of personal motivation or inspiration. The meetup was held at CARNet in Zagreb.

Web design & WordPress course @ Zenica // 2012

3 months long Web design course was held in Zenica had a goal to teach attendees how to design, develop and promote their websites built in WordPress. My responsibilities included almost everything in this project. Starting from the idea to the planing the course, mobilization of resources, marketing campaign, teaching, supporting…