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Salary of the Full Stack Developer in Berlin

Based on researches, personal experience, and very relevant LinkedIn research the salary range for Full Stack Developer position in Berlin is from 38 400€ – 66 000€.

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Faruk Garić
in Workflow

6 Chrome Extensions for Web development

I share with you some of the Chrome extensions I use for cleaning the cache, Color Picker, HTTP/2 enabled and loading speed indicator, JSON formatter, and structured data testing tool.

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wordpress speed without plugin
Faruk Garić
in How To

Increase WordPress website speed without plugin

What I have learned from experience and through hours of research is explained here. To speed up your WordPress without plugins you have to implement these four simple steps:

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Ubuntu background / Illustration
Faruk Garić
in WordPress tricks

Fix WordPress file permissions on Ubuntu

Fixing WordPress file permissions on Ubuntu sometimes can be real pain. Here is my step by step guide how to do it properly.

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