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Salary of the Full Stack Developer in Berlin

As a Full Stack Developer, I was researching this topic a lot before I moved from Frankfurt am Main to Berlin a year ago. In the last year (2019) I was part of the interviewing process for Full Stack Developers, also I had the opportunity to speak with many recruiters, HRs. and to do my research again when I was changing the company. In this article, I am gonna sum it up for you.

Based on researches, personal experience, and very relevant LinkedIn research the salary range for Full Stack Developer position in Berlin is from 38 400€ – 66 000€.

What “Full Stack” includes?

As you probably know there are many types of “Full stack” developers, mostly defined by technologies they use. So, it’s obvious that all those types of Full Stack developers don’t earn the same money.

In early years “Full Stack” roughly speaking were including developer’s skillset that combines building backend (PHP, C#, Java, Python…) and also skillset that includes creating frontend (HTML, CSS, jQuery 🙂 ).

Today, the situation is different. As more and more companies are switching to a microservice architecture and building APIs for backend, plus frontend world has changed by JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Vue), that means that Full Stack Developer is primarily person who is able to build API plus to be good with at least one of the big three JavaScript frameworks – React, Angular, Vue.

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You are probably asking yourself “Where this dude lost HTML/CSS?”. Good question. That is something that everybody in the world of Web Development needs to know.

If you are a PHP developer, you probably want to be on the good side of PHP, I highly recommend “Modern PHP” from Josh Lockhart.

Joshlockhart quote

Salary insights by industry

Not all industries are paying the same, are not equally interesting for developers and are not equally flexible on the market. Some of them are very strict because of the business domain but others are more flexible and creative and so on.

E.g. Working in the finance industry as a developer is more responsible then working in the entertainment industry. If you make a mistake in your financial software is not the same as a mistake in a game.

Another aspect of differences in salaries across industries for the same position is an obvious thing – who has more money 🙂

It’s logical that financial institution has more money than an online shop that sell consumers goods.

Some industries are very flexible where you have more space to experiment and try things.

Here is the list of the average salaries in Berlin across common industries:

IndustryAverage salary
Finance53 000€
Manufacturing52 000€
Media & Communication51 000€
Entertainment50 000€
Consumer Goods50 000€

Where to look for Full Stack jobs?

We all know that out there is a bunch of platforms to search for job ads. Also, you can google for open job positions and do your research. I tried all the possibilities and this is what worked well for me.

I never spend more than a month to find a new job. The last one, my current job, I found in just two days of searching.

How long it will take for you to find a job is not only impacted by platform but more important by your skills, presentation of your skills and personality and several other factors. This topic is a whole new blog post.

From my own experience and from the information I got from other colleagues the best platform in 2020 for job seeking is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, in general, is an amazing network where you should build your personal brand, network and the place where you can do many other things to develop your career opportunities.

Many developers are trying to avoid social media and public exposure. I completely understand why. This part is not for those who want to stay anonymous 🙂

The best thing about LinkedIn is that all modern companies are there, all the recruiters as well and lots of business persons. You can take advantage of it by creating your network and presenting your business moves transparently.

The key is to be prepared

The first and most important thing is your CV. C’mon, make it perfect once – first time and later on just do the update. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and prepare your story that you can communicate easily with confidence. All of these things are easy to prepare when you know how to do it. In some of the future articles, I will try to explain this process in more detail. You can’t fake confidence, you can be confident about all that you are but without preparation, you can decrease your chances and miss some good opportunities.

I wish you luck on your journey! Staying up to date with the technology trends is no easy task. You always need to know how to increase the speed of websites or similar. If you have any questions or comments please write down below.